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Random Favourites

A Match Made In The Heavens 3 [LokixReader]
You woke the next morning.Or night,you couldn't tell.On your knees leaning against a cold wall.There were no windows,It was extremely dark you couldn't see what was in front of you.The only light there was a torch yards away from you.
Your arms,shoulders,and neck felt sore.Trying to relieve this light pain,you struggled to move your arms but they were chained,Tightly above your head.Next you tried moving your legs.Only to find your ankles chained.What kind of trouble have you gotten yourself in?
Your got up on your feet hearing the shackle of chains along the way.You stood on your feet for a few seconds,But your legs began to wobble,shaking tremendously.Then you lost balance and feel back to your knees.This one simple task was so difficult for you.
You tried again and again to get back up on your feet with no such success beyond lifting and falling back.Then you felt as if all your strength was sucked right out of you,because of all the effort.You relaxed a bit and fell asleep once aga
:iconrainbowppuke:RaInBowpPUKE 9 2
A Match Made In The Heavens 2 [LokixReader]
"So the famous (name) is finally captured?",Odin spoke cheerfully.
"Why must you doubt me Fathe-Odin."Loki turned around so his back would face Odin.Disgusted at the fact that his heart,mind,and soul still thought of Odin as a father after he filled his head with hopes and dreams of being king as a child.Only to find out he never even had a chance.
"Well she is known in all the nine realms for her mischief.If you're the God she is the Goddess."
Loki smirked at this."Oh really All-father?You believe that wench is matched to my trickery?"
"Oh come on son-"
"I AM NOT YOUR SON"Loki yeld,with anger.It also filled him with pain to think about any of his heredity,how he was lied to for a long period of time in his life.
"Well Loki,Give her some credit.True she doesn't have your potential,But like I said she is known throughout all the nine realms because of her actions as a thief,She even got past by our guards many times.By the way.Why did you decide to go after (name)?",Odin was very wise t
:iconrainbowppuke:RaInBowpPUKE 9 2
A Match Made In The Heavens 1 [LokixReader]
You began to pant,gasping for air.Feeling lightheaded you leaned up against a nearby tree.Of course you would feel like this after being chased by a few Asgardian palace guards.You felt dizzy,somewhat nauseous;maybe because you barley eaten anything today and running around like one of those creatures on Midgard,that they call cheetahs,didn't help  these feelings.How long have these guards been chasing you?
Then you heard a sudden rustle not to far behind you.Knowing that if you kept running you would lose consciousness and in fear of being caught.You climbed up a tree.Once you thought you were high enough you bent your knees,allowing to use your heels as a seat and you waited.Your [e/c] eyes glistened under the moonlight.
This was a decent spot since the tree had many leafs and very thick branches.Even the colors of your attire helped you camouflage even more into the large tree.
Your pulse just would not slow down,you could hear your heart banging in your chest,pounding aga
:iconrainbowppuke:RaInBowpPUKE 15 5
Loki x Reader: Chapter 7- Highway to Hel
Loki's POV
In case you did not know, there are certain times we have to wake up.
And Ever was not awake.
I snuck into her room, just about to wake her up, when something froze me in my tracks.
She was cute when she slept. Her black hair was falling in her face, and her nose was all crinkled up.
"What the Hel are you doing!?"
I whirled around. It was Hela.
"Are you watching her...SLEEP?!"
"No! That would be unusual and rude. It would invade her privacy." I stated.
"Yes, says the man who snuck into her room." Hela said sarcastically.
"I was trying to wake her up! We do have to wake up at a certain time, you know!" I said defiantly.
We turned around. Ever was up, and looking very confused. Hela knelt down and picked something imaginary up.
"Oh, look. Here's my contact! Thanks for helping me, Father, I knew I dropped it when I was showing Ever her room!" And Hela ran away.
I looked at Ever, and blushed. I did not now why.
"Mystery solved!" I yelled and ran out of the room.
I think
:iconmrsfirelord13:MrsFireLord13 3 0
Found (loki x reader) Chapter 1
First fan fic so PLEASE don't judge me!! I just love loki soooo much... :)
Lokis POV
"Ugh... Must these Jotuns ruin my day so profoundly? They should know that they are inferior to me by now!"  I rolled my eyes in annoyance and continued my walking over the burnt landscape.  As I jumped over a bush my eyes caught a glimpse of something misplaced.  I immediately saw that it was a chariot with black doors.  "Now what is this doing here?"  I heard a muffled sound from inside so I opened the doors to find a girl. She was dressed in a (favorite color) dress with a black hooded cloak over it. She looked up at me and gasped and backed into the corner.  "No I'm not going to hurt you." Right then Thor came up. "What is it brother?" He looked inside to see the girl. "Well, lets take her to Asgard! They can help tend to any of her wounds." Apparently I hadn't seen the gash running down the side of her knee. "Ok. How-" Thor pi
:iconlokistargazer14:LokiStarGazer14 6 15
Loki x reader
Loki x Reader
[A/N this was meant for girls but guys can read it too i guess, i do not own Loki or you or marvel or anything but the plot (F/N=friend name (y/n)-your name (e/c)=eye color (h/c)=hair color]
***reader's P.O.V***
I had just watched the Avengers for like the 20th time at(f/N)'s house and I began to walk home. (F/N) kept on joking how I loved Loki so much but I just yelled at them to shut up. While I was walking, I kept on hearing this laugh... It sounded a little too much like Loki so I began to walk faster. "I think I watched the Avengers too much... I swear that was Loki's laugh..."
***???'s P.O.V***
I was following this midgaurdian girl as she walked to her home. Actually, I have watched her for a while and I don't know why. I guess it is because she is different from the other midgaurdians. I had just read her mind about how her friend had made fun of her... but it was about me? She then was thinking about how she should stop re-watching this thing called the Avengers.
:icongeekiemire:Geekiemire 16 24
Loki x Reader faith Lies and Mischief 4
Third person POV~~~
You gone back to work wondering why Loki was holding your face like he was about to kiss you on the lips. It was still only the morning and Loki was just siting in his chair reading his book. "Loki do you ever get lonely?" You asked the trickster. 
He glanced up from his novel for a few moments to answer your ridiculous question, "Yes, I do young mortal, although I have no need for such pathetic useless emotions, so I just get use to my surroundings and get accustomed to the idea that no one wishes to be around a monster such as myself. Does that answer your question?" Loki glared at you. 
"Did at one time, did you have a person that you could depend on? One that would come in your time of need, someone who would be there for you and loved you like family?" You asked innocently. 
Unfortunately your questions were not all that innocent and that was not you being curious, truthfully you, the other you wanted to know how bad did Loki mis
:iconmermaidfan:mermaidfan 26 8
Burned And Frozen (Reader X Loki) Chapter 3
An annoying beeping fills my ears. I grasp onto the last strands of sleep, before the duvet is ripped from under me, and I sit up ramrod straight. Beside the bed is Loki, a smirk pulling at his lips. Confusion washing over me, I mumble "How'd you get there?!" He seems to ignore me, and struts over to the metallic chest of draws, and presses a button on the alarm clock, before proceeding to the metal door. Opening it, he turns around to face me, and with an unimpressed look, he announces "I expect you packed and ready to arrive at S.H.I.E.L.D in 5 minutes."
With that he closes the door behind him with a thud, and footsteps echo down the metallic hallway. Now fully awake, I process what I am to do, and get off the bed. I quickly change into a long black skirt and ruby-red tank top, that matches my eyes, and a black belt around my waist. My fingers slide throughout my waist length, inky hair, as I twist it into a braid, that runs down my back. A though surfaces at the back of my mind Wher
:iconlacheveuxnoir:LaCheveuxNoir 4 2
Burned And Frozen (Reader X Loki) Chapter 2
Warm, golden sunlight streams through my window, bathing my face in its glow. I slowly untangle myself from my sheets and swing my legs over the side of my single-bed. I stretch my arms above my head, and stand. Making my way to the old kitchen, to make myself a cup of coffee. Ah, the joys of caffeine! Slouching down on the red-leather couch, I make a list of things I must do today. I live above the antiques shop, where I work. I work for my bed and bought, which includes this place. It's not overly modern, but it does me fine.
Finishing my mug, I return it to the sink, and change for work. I wear the usual, a long skirt and a tank top, my straight, black hair in a neat ponytail. If anyone were to see my legs, they would freak, and that would be the end of me. I stare at my reflection in the bathroom mirror. I don't appear to have aged a day since I was 25.
Slipping on my custom-made shoes, I hurry down-stairs to greet Mr. Brown, my boss. He is an old, greying man, showing the effects
:iconlacheveuxnoir:LaCheveuxNoir 9 7
Burned And Frozen (Reader X Loki) Chapter 1
I was born in 9th century France. My sheer existence is astonishing. As a young girl I fell ill with an unknown sickness. I was getting worse, and my parents feared my premature death, so my father searched for a cure. He ventured across the lands, until he came across a Witch, in Norway, who gave my father an exiler that would cure me. But, unbeknown to my mother and father, once it was given to me, the witch could have a hand in my appearance.
It did cure me, but I was left with what most call, a deformity. My legs grew short, black fibres, and I gained an extra joint. My feet became hard, grey hooves. All the villagers thought me a sorcerer, and were disgusted by me. My parents cared for me as long as they could, before they decided they couldn't cope with me any longer, and abandoned me. I was only 13. I lived in forests most my life, and discovered I could change into the full body of a horse. My coat is jet black, along with my mane and tail. The same colour as my human hair. My
:iconlacheveuxnoir:LaCheveuxNoir 11 7
Loki X Reader Chapter 4
Loki's POV
I stroked (y/n)'s beautiful cheek softly. "(Y/n)... dear (y/n)... what are you?"
The cloud of light began dispersing, and suddenly began emitting a high-pitched sound akin to bells and wind. The cloud soon condensed back together and turned a bright red. (Y/n)'s eyes became red at the same moment.
The cloud began flying swiftly around the room as if it was terrified, and it continued chiming.
I stood and cupped the cloud in my hands, having realized that it was the consciousness of my partner. "(Y/n), it's alright. You need to calm down and focus on reentering your corporeal bay. You cannot control this form yet, and if you accidentally disperse, the most likely outcome of your instant demise.
The cloud pulsed brightly a few times before fading back to a calm blue color, then disappearing.
She sat up at once, breathing heavily, eyes wide. She was shaking in terror.
"Wh-what happened to m-me?" She whispered.
I sat by her side and took her hands. "(Y/n), you are not of this pl
:iconwhoviana:Whoviana 1 34
Loki X Reader Chapter 3
When you opened your eyes, you were on a cold, hard lab table. You couldn't move. You tried to call for help, but your lips wouldn't even part. Suddenly you felt like you were floating. Dr. Banner stepped in and gasped. "Stark, Loki, you'll want to see this!"
The two other men came in and stared at your body.
You realized you were having some kind of our of body experience, but what really frightened you was when you looked down and saw the form you were in. You were a wispy cloud of blue light. Your corporeal body's eyes were glowing blue.
Loki stepped forward and stroked your body's cheek gently. "(Y/n)... dear (y/n)... what are you?"
"Hello me!" You tried to say, terrified by the sensation of your wispy form starting to dissolve. The sound that emerged was not a human voice at all. It was more like bells.
:iconwhoviana:Whoviana 1 0
Loki X Reader Chapter 2
Loki's POV
I was thrown against the wall by a strong burst of light from (y/n)'s hands. 'How did she do that?' I thought. 'Surely Fury would have told me if she was a magic wielder!'
I pushed myself up, noticing that one of my ribs seemed to be broken, and approached her limp form. She was emitting a faint glow.
I scooped her up in my arms, wincing at the pain in my torso, and began to carry her to the infirmary. Unfortunately I ran into Stark on the way.
"What did you do to her?" He demanded.
"Nothing. She used some form of magic on me, injuring me, and then she collapsed." I frowned. "Why was I not informed that (y/n) is a magic user?"
Stark's eyes widened. "She... She isn't. Or at least, she never was before. Banner and I will do some tests." He took (y/n) from my arms and turned towards his laboratory.
I followed. "She is my partner, I am coming. Do not harm her."
Stark rolled his eyes. "Don't get your horns in a bunch, Frosty. Besides, you only care because you're confused about h
:iconwhoviana:Whoviana 2 43
Loki X Reader Ch. 1
"Damn you, Fury!" You muttered. You were training at the SHIELD Helicarrier, blowing off steam. There wasn't a single target without bullet holes in the center. You were furious. Fury had paired you with the Agent you trusted least, Agent Laufeyson. Sure, he had been clean for over four years now, and was working with SHIELD in an attempt to redeem himself, but you despised him.
You felt a hand on your shoulder suddenly and whirled around, aiming your weapon at the hand's owner.
Loki smirked. "Now (y/n), is that any way to behave towards your new partner?"
"You do not call me (y/n), Laufeyson. Our relationship is nothing more than business and it never will be. So back off." You shoved him away and sent two bullets into the heart of a dummy, secretly imagining it to be the raven-haired liar you were partnered with.
Loki chuckled and placed his cold hands on your hips. "Now, darling, there is no need to-"
He was stopped when you turned to push him away from you again. But instead of pus
:iconwhoviana:Whoviana 7 7
The Man in the Window (Loki x Reader) chapter thre
"What do you mean" You responded politely.
"What? Oh, imagine the shops from Harry Potter. It's a bit like that, only you don't have to do some odd pattern on bricks it's just a normal store. There are just things that aren't... normal, per say." Caroline said.
You didn't speak to her much at all, just listened to your favourite radio station. Once you had gotten to the mall, you were directed to a dark shop that almost reminded you of hot topic. That thought made you giggle and think about your "scene" phase.
((sorry if youre offended by that))
The store had a bit old-fashioned almost Victorian aged clothing. You could tell she didn't mean anything special as godly, she just meant not in-fashion. You were surrounded by old dresses, vintage suits, and a lot of steam-punk clothing. You bought a few things and went to one of your favourite shops and bought some normal clothes.
After you had returned to your new "home" with Caroline, she made you a small dish of your favourite food. You j
:iconpoemonochrome:PoeMonochrome 8 5
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All of my favorite prints
(This is only here cause I feel like one side of my page is longer than the other and I want to even it out.)
I'm proud to admit that I've gained my photography skills from my mother


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hello and welcome to my page! I won't bother with long introductions so here are some facts about me.
But first, if you are a Trump supporter, then GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE! BECAUSE IF YOU ARE, THEN
~What I want to do to Donald Trump
~When Cruz or Trump ask for the primary election, I go
~I want a pet robot
~I get nervous behind the wheel sometimes
~Don't trust strangers, even if they claim to be friendly. This is why I don't trust strangers.
~What I fear will happen if I let a friend drive my car (when I get a car)
~Swords are awesome
~Me when I hear someone start to give a "All the Colors" speech or something boring like that
~Don't make me lose my temper
~Don't make me go to parties where I don't know anyone
~I love Corpse Party
~I wanna be able to do this, but instead of "summoning" taxis, summon fictional characters
~My expression when people vote for Trump
~I often feel this way
•When my friends clearly don't know something, I say
•I'm basically Prussia when I rock out
•I'm slowly becoming more confident thanks to my friends, so I'm slowly starting to act like Prussia in a way. I even quote him sometimes! I roleplay as him on Pinterest. I AM PRUSSIA!
•How my friends and I get sometimes
•Sometimes, with my ADHD, I'm kinda going
•Me if someone asked me to save the world by myself
•I like to let my imagination run wild
•Me trying to accomplish my goals
•How crazy my life feels sometimes
•Me in the rain
•Life with my family
•Me when I'm shocked
•I love Hetalia
•I used to wear glasses
•When I get tired of something

DA stamp - Roleplays 002 by tppgraphicsDA Stamp - Roleplaying 01 by tppgraphics
• I don't do Meme's or tags. So don't bother tagging me please
And to all of my watchers
  • Listening to: Red
  • Reading: The Road
  • Watching: Game Grumps
  • Playing: Undertale
  • Drinking: Water
I will be unable to, and I cannot, WIL NOT update my Loki x Reader story during the school year.
I'm a senior in high school now.
I'm going through the college application process now.
I cannot afford any distractions.
I can't spend time writing a fanfiction when I could be spending that time studying and securing myself a better chance of getting into college.
This is my future we're talking about.
I'm sorry, but you'll all just have to wait.


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When Prussia generously gave away his land after WW2 during the Treaty of Versailles
When the Holy Roman Empire is literally half of Europe
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When Romania is the oldest European country (Latin was made there)
When England is now over run by Pakistan
When America is conflicted with Israel
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