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Stuff that I've done

Deviations Include:
~ Traditional Fan art
- Chibis
- Fire Emblem: Awakening
- Marvel
- Hetalia
- Legend of Zelda
- Professor Layton
- Pokemon
- More
~ Traditional Drawings
- Original art
- Doodles
~ Traditional Paintings
- Landscapes
- Animals
- Fantasy
- Items, etc.
~ Sculptures
- Animals
~ Paper macheis
- Animals
~ Photos
- Animals
- Scenery
- People
~ Gifs
- Tom Hiddleston
- Marvel
- Other
~ Wallpapers
- Avengers
~ Comics of movies
- Thor the Dark World
~ Captioned screenshots/photos
- Movies
- Actors
- Hetalia
~ Literature
- Original writings
- Sonnet
~ Readerinserts
- Professor Layton x Reader series
- Readerinsert Transformation Story
- Loki x Reader series
~ Memes? (Is that what they're called...?)

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It puts a smile on my face
It makes me happy
It makes me feel like a badass

Makes me feel awesome

And then if no one does, I'm all like,

Random Favourites

Avengers x Reader - prologue
When you woke up today you never thought that in your all life something like this it would happen it looked like 9-11 all over again, except this time it wasn’t humans that were attacking New York but some sort of monsters. You couldn’t let anyone know about your true identity so you hide yourself in a destroyed building and started changing.
Your white and brown wings appeared on your back tearing apart your white blouse; you called for your sword and putted a mask hiding your face; you were ready to start killing those strange things.
Then you see one of those huge aliens being chuted down by one green huge man and a blonde guy with a hammer the monster was approaching to a scared kid that it is crying in the middle of the of the street you fly up to the sky and then you start diving when you reach to where the kid was you pick him up and start flying up with the boy in your arms.
The kid looks at you and smiles, you continue flying until you see a black van with mans wi
:iconmishabranquitanina:MishaBranquitaNina 220 15
HiddlesXReader Tom In The Streets
Jogging through the streets, you enjoyed the sight in front of you.
Vast fields of pure white surrounded you, and only you. It seemed as though no one else was outside. No kids, no adults, not even a teenager trying to be 'Different'.
They didn't know what they were missing.
Darting up and down the street, careful not to slip on ice or snow, you looked anywhere but forward, except when there was an intersection or you heard a car in front of you.
The cold wrapped around you, leaving your breath visible and white and pure as the snow.
After what seemed like no time at all, you slowed down to a halt and checked your watch.
You had been at a mild run for over two hours.
"Oh," You exhaled slowly and looked around, realizing you had absolutely no clue where you were.
The scene was beautiful, though. Snow had begun to fall, even if slowly, and the sun caused a sparkle effect to reflect on the crystals on the ground.
Placing a hand on your hip, you pulled out your phone to get directions.
:iconjeb4700:jeb4700 46 3
Get Loki - STAMP :iconzakuuya:Zakuuya 88 12 Lucina's Identity :iconsagittarius14:Sagittarius14 5 0
Pickup Lines [N x Reader]
Natural Harmonia Gropius, more commonly known as N, had a problem.
It was a problem he had never dealt with before in all his twenty years. Every time said problem arose, his chest began to squeeze like it was going to burst his heart apart and his mouth refused to speak the correct words.
The problem was (name).
It wasn't as if N disliked the girl. No, it was quite the opposite; he had grown fond of her over the past couple of years. It was just that there were times when N found himself unable to function  properly whenever (name) was within ten feet of him and he had absolutely no idea why. Yes, the whole shenanigans with the legendary dragons, Team Plasma and his "father" Ghetsis had ended a long time ago, but the Trainer was still not entirely comfortable with humans.
Touko and Touya, the twins who had once opposed N and Team Plasma but in the end turned out to be his two greatest friends, had introduced him to (name) right after the last of the Sages had been found and put i
:iconlupus-astra:lupus-astra 555 210
*REQUEST* Draco X Reader the List
“Outta my way Potter.” The silver haired Slytherin pushed past the shorter, dark haired Gryffindor.
With a sigh you flashed Harry a very apologetic smile, before trailing after Draco and Pansy. Being in Slytherin was brilliant, you loved it, and there wasn’t any doubt that it was the house for you. However something that you had noticed was that students of Slytherin cared a lot about appearances, and keeping up certain expectations.
Pansy intertwined her hand with Draco’s, big fake smile plastered on her pug like face. Sometimes you questioned your own sanity for wanting to be around a girl like Pansy, she was talent less, bitchy, and cared about no one but herself. Alas, she was family, and as some dead man once said; ‘blood is thicker then water.’ Your group of three rudely pushed through the vast sea of students, heading to the great hall for dinner. Pansy held onto Draco like a vise, muttering uncreative praise in his ear. If ever you felt like
:iconmajestic-glory:majestic-glory 599 75
Angel Blue AvengersxReader 5
“Dude, I can’t believe that I’m going to go to Asgård! That’s going to be amazing and I’m totally going to take a shit ton of pictures,” (F/N) bounced up and down excitedly as she spoke to Steve who was immediately concerned about sending a young girl off to a whole other world.
“Don’t you think it would be safer if Thor brought his people here to test you? You don’t know what is like there,” he looked worriedly at her.
“There’s nothing to worry about Cap. I’ll have Thor there to protect me,” she smiled cheerfully at him. “I can even bring something back if you’d like.”
“No that’s alright, miss,” Steve smiled softly at her. “You don’t seem too phased by all of this; how can you be so calm about it?”
(F/N) leaned back and sighed, thinking of how to answer Steve’s question. “I wouldn’t say that I’m calm. To be honest with
:iconashfd3:AshFD3 13 1
Pepper and Tony - Iron Man :iconsharkypan87:Sharkypan87 26 4 Thor - The Dark World Poster :iconsharkypan87:Sharkypan87 32 10
LokixReader- Green Silk Pajamas
A groan escaped your lips, you had a long but hard day, not to mention a bad one too.
First you had woken up late, then your car had broken down, you barely got to work and you were harassed by your boss, lost your job when you lost your temper after he had the nerves to spank your ass and what else? Oh! That's right, your so called 'friend' spreading rumors about you which were full of bull, the rumors are that your an attention seeker, and the ironic thing is that she's being a hypocrite, you don't bring attention upon yourself unlike her who would do anything for attention.
And then your car gave way once again, but this time you can't fix it at all. And you had to walk since the bus you took won't go all the way to the bus stop, you had a feeling the bus driver hates you.
The bus ride. Oh, you wanted to murder someone so badly as some little kid. (Or punk as you called him.) decided to kick your seat all the way to the stop area. You had lost it and yelled at the little brat to kno
:iconglitteryglow:GlitteryGlow 514 65
Stuck in Limbo (Clint Barton x Reader)
| clint barton x reader |
| Author's Note |
Please go and watch my new account "another-reynie-day" which is where I will be uploading new deviations and reuploading.
1. an uncertain period of awaiting a decision or resolution; an intermediate state or condition.
Natasha Romanoff glanced over at the man sitting with her at the table. The two were at the cafe off the corner of Main Street and it was the time where the city hasn't woken up yet. When dawn hasn't broken and the normally bustling metropolitan was still sleepy. It was the only peaceful part of the day.
"Clint you need to tell her." She spoke quietly. "It's been two years. Even I was surprised when you came back..." Trailing off, she saw the archer bury his head into his hands and chuckle bitterly.
Looking out of the glass windows, into the streets, he grimaced remembering the blood, death, t
:iconblackfang-124:BlackFang-124 118 8
Trying: Draco x Reader
There was no way out. You had to go through with it. Taking a deep breath you pushed open the door of the Three Broomsticks and looked for Draco. Unable to find a way to cancel the date you decided to go and have one drink with him then leave. As you got to the bar you saw him anxiously glancing at his watch, seeing if you were late. He looked up and you gave him a small smile before crossing over to him and sitting down next to him.
The barman came over and you ordered a Butterbeer, Draco ordered nothing as he still had a half a glass left. Neither of you tried to make conversation choosing to sit in awkward silence. A happy couple leaned on the bar next to Draco, the guys hand wrapped around hers and a happy glow on both their faces. Seeing them made you remember what you and Draco had been like as a couple. Unable to watch them any longer you stood.
“I can’t do this. I won’t pretend that this going to work. Move on Draco, find someone else who can make you better.&
:iconironicbee7:ironicbee7 219 29
Tony x Reader : Young and Beautiful (drabble)
Hearing the gentle waves lapping against the side of the boat as you were softly rocked by the waves was a very welcome wake up call. You weren’t exactly Captain Jack Sparrow on the water, but when you were with your boyfriend on his boat you felt completely calm. So gently scooting over his sleeping form you made your way to the deck. The wood was still cold from the absence of sun, but you knew that would soon change. You pulled Tony’s shirt lower over your legs, keeping out the cool breeze. Goose bumps rose along your exposed skin as your choice in clothing was a t-shirt and some ladies briefs. You smiled as the dark blue sky turned from blue to purple to pink and then the sun began to peak up from beyond the horizon. Warmth enveloped you and you smiled smelling Tony’s cologne and tugged his jacket closer while he sat beside you. Tony offered you a small smile and wrapped an arm around your shoulders.
“Tony?...” You questioned, turning to straddle him.
:iconia-loves-art:Ia-Loves-Art 38 16
The Legend of L I N K [Child!Link x Reader] Part.2

--> Link's P.O.V <--

I was dragged out of the hole by a short Kokiri...I couldn't see who it was, all I knew was someone was dragging me, by the feeling of their puny hands grabbing my ankles, I had my guess that it was someone small...By the time I was out of the hole someone stood over me while the other pinned me down so I couldn't look up, not that I wanted to, whoever it was, was standing over my head! And you may not know but most Kokiri go commando. Gross. Of course I don't...most of the time that is.
Before I knew it I was knock out by the flash of a Deku nut and shoved into a scratchy sack, most likely woven out of flowers as the scent was strong, and if your sense of smell was strong enough...
Very traceable. 
 ~~ Timeskip
:iconchi-oh:chi-oh 30 3
The Legend of L I N K [Child!Link x Reader] Part.1

I don't own LoZ or any of it's characters.

Only this story. 


--> Link's P.O.V <--
As of late I've been having the same recurring dreams over and over... 
This stunning girl riding on a horse with a mysterious lady seemingly protecting her... being chased by this man... This malevolent looking man, I can sense it from the way he glared at me and sneered in disgust and amusement. He opened his mouth to speak but instead of a manly, deep ominous voice that you'd expect,  I heard...
"Hey! Listen! Get up you sleepyhead!! How can the fate of the land depend of such a lazy boy?!"

My eyes shot open instantly, I allowed my eyes to focus and I slowly sat up to find the small glowing ball of a fairy greeting me
:iconchi-oh:chi-oh 43 5
Begging for A Blessing Yarne x Reader
          “Do you really think this is completely necessary? I mean I'll do it if you do, it's just that this is going to be really awkward for me.” It wasn't like you to get flustered and nervous, but in this instance, you really didn't see how you couldn't be. “We could wait a little longer too. I don't think it would change anything if we did.”
“I won't make you, but it's probably a good idea to ask sooner rather than later.” Yarne smiled as his cheeks slowly started to turn pink. He took your hand in his, knowing that for once, you were actually more hesitant about doing something than he was. “Besides, as many awkward, embarrassing things as you've shoved me into, you kind of owe this to me.”
Knowing he was right, you gave him a weak nod and sighed. “That's true. I guess I have no other choice then do I?” A few deep breaths later, you were as ready as you'd ever be. “Let's get this over with
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 65 6
Favorites Are Of:
~ My OTPs
- Destiel
- Sabriel
- Cherick
- Thorane
- Hetalia OTPs

~ Art
- Digital Art
- Traditional Art

~ Fanart
- Professor Layton
- Marvel
- Lord of the Rings
- Pokemon
- Supernatural
- BBC Sherlock
- Hetalia
- Games
- Downtown Abbey
- Star Trek

~ Wallpapers

~ Fanfiction

~ Photos
- Animals
- Actors

~ ReaderInsert stories
- Supernatural
- Marvel
- Lord of the Rings
- Hetalia
- BBC Sherlock
- Star Trek

~ My favorite TV shows
- Supernatural
- BBC Sherlock
- Downtown Abbey

~ Fandoms
- Supernatural
- Sherlock
- Etc.

~ Gifs
- Marvel
- Actors
- Movies
- Supernatural
- Hetalia

~ Icons

~ Journals
- Icon Plzs

To everyone's worked that I've favorited, you people are awesome


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All of my favorite prints
(This is only here cause I feel like one side of my page is longer than the other and I want to even it out.)
I'm proud to admit that I've gained my photography skills from my mother


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hello and welcome to my page! I won't bother with long introductions so here are some facts about me.
But first, if you are a Trump supporter, then GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE! BECAUSE IF YOU ARE, THEN
~What I want to do to Donald Trump
~When Cruz or Trump ask for the primary election, I go
~I want a pet robot
~I get nervous behind the wheel sometimes
~Don't trust strangers, even if they claim to be friendly. This is why I don't trust strangers.
~What I fear will happen if I let a friend drive my car (when I get a car)
~Swords are awesome
~Me when I hear someone start to give a "All the Colors" speech or something boring like that
~Don't make me lose my temper
~Don't make me go to parties where I don't know anyone
~I love Corpse Party
~I wanna be able to do this, but instead of "summoning" taxis, summon fictional characters
~My expression when people vote for Trump
~I often feel this way
•When my friends clearly don't know something, I say
•I'm basically Prussia when I rock out
•I'm slowly becoming more confident thanks to my friends, so I'm slowly starting to act like Prussia in a way. I even quote him sometimes! I roleplay as him on Pinterest. I AM PRUSSIA!
•How my friends and I get sometimes
•Sometimes, with my ADHD, I'm kinda going
•Me if someone asked me to save the world by myself
•I like to let my imagination run wild
•Me trying to accomplish my goals
•How crazy my life feels sometimes
•Me in the rain
•Life with my family
•Me when I'm shocked
•I love Hetalia
•I used to wear glasses
•When I get tired of something

DA stamp - Roleplays 002 by tppgraphicsDA Stamp - Roleplaying 01 by tppgraphics
• I don't do Meme's or tags. So don't bother tagging me please
And to all of my watchers
  • Listening to: Red
  • Reading: The Road
  • Watching: Game Grumps
  • Playing: Undertale
  • Drinking: Water
I will be unable to, and I cannot, WIL NOT update my Loki x Reader story during the school year.
I'm a senior in high school now.
I'm going through the college application process now.
I cannot afford any distractions.
I can't spend time writing a fanfiction when I could be spending that time studying and securing myself a better chance of getting into college.
This is my future we're talking about.
I'm sorry, but you'll all just have to wait.


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When Prussia generously gave away his land after WW2 during the Treaty of Versailles
When the Holy Roman Empire is literally half of Europe
When America is in an eternal war with Iraq
When Romania is the oldest European country (Latin was made there)
When England is now over run by Pakistan
When America is conflicted with Israel
When Russia doesn't know what to do with his boss Putin
When Sweden is dying
When Greece is going bankrupt
When China is getting upset at America
When Germany is dying
When Italy is crying over all the world's degeneracy
When World War 3 is coming up

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